Hi there, traveller of the interwebs.

Welcome to my garden, where I indulge my aspirations to be forever curious. Can I get you some piping hot lemon tea?

While the water’s boiling, let me tell you about what lives in this garden, each marked by a 🪴 growth stage:

  • Concepts I don’t fully understand yet but am exploring.
  • Foundational notes on topics I’m becoming familiar with.
  • (Fairly) established essays that get a minor pruning now and then.

In this Digital garden, I shed all expectations of perfection and tend to ideas like I tend to plants: slowly, kindly, and peacefully. I’m inquisitive about a lot of things, but these questions, in particular, always pique my intellectual curiosity.

I’m growing this garden for my Future Self, who will hopefully wander through 10 years down the line and be delighted by what has taken root here (more about that in terms). But I would never say no to a well-meaning wanderer looking to admire my handiwork or roll up their sleeves to get planting, too.

The many internal links are your signposts to hop from one patch of ideas to another. Enjoy!