A Digital garden is a little bit of an illusion, a magic trick that perfectionists play on themselves to stop chasing perfection and exercise bias for action.

But the social contract is not explicit, which means we might expect certain things of a digital garden that we shouldn’t. This Terms of Service page draws from the original by Shawn Wang.Digital Garden Terms of Service visit

I am not an expert

I will make this clear by disclosing epistemic status in the form of growth stages. We tend to believe in the finality and authority of the printed word, but that’s not so in this garden. What you read here is not authoritative or complete, and is not representative of my best work. However, it is representative of my interests and current state of knowledge!

I am writing for myself

This digital garden’s primary audience is me — or rather, my Future Self. As a result, I may come from a place of pre-existing context, but will try to corroborate those with references and links. I will not get discouraged if I don’t receive feedback. I plant ideas in my Digital Garden for my own use, not solely to get visitors.

This is a mistake-friendly zone

I’m using this space to grow, experiment and be wrong so I can be right. I want to create a track record of learning, instead of presenting my ideas as Polished or Perfect. I’m in different stages of learning with each topic, so I retain the right to be wrong, either due to paucity of time or knowledge. You will not hold this, or my readership, against me because I will keep learning, with your help. Everything in the Digital Garden is a living document and I will retract or rephrase things I no longer agree with.

I appreciate constructive criticism

I will listen to you but I don’t promise to agree with you. Please also suggest what else I should include, read, watch, or listen to, or tell me what you would have written instead. If you’re an expert who would like to weigh in, please send me an email.

Attribution is welcome, plagiarism isn’t

You’re welcome to quote, with attribution and a link back here. However, I don’t waive copyright for commercial purposes. As much as I love folks riffing off my ideas, I don’t appreciate ripping them off. I abhor plagiarism.

I would love to share my knowledge

I’m still navigating this whole networked thought labyrinth, and would love to riff with someone about it. Knowledge is the oxygen of progressDigital Garden Terms of Service Call to Action, Shawn Wang visit and I would love to help another digital garden bloom. If you’re keen, send me an email.