What a wonderful, wonderful week.

I hadn’t taken a vacation day since March, so my mind was all but screaming for a break. I don’t know if I was experiencing burnout—I’m horrible at recognising it—but I figured not taking any extra time off for close to 4 months is probably… not a good thing. And so I packed my bag, my cameras, and all their peripheral contraptions, and went to Kodagu. It was a delightful four days. It was obviously raining the entire time, but for once I didn’t care — I threw on a raincoat and rain boots and went trampling through coffee plantations and paddy fields anyway.

My ancestral homes are still as they were maybe 100 years ago, and so climbing into their attics felt like what Aladdin might’ve felt when he entered The Cave of Wonders. One of the houses also has a delightful little river maybe 100 steps down, and falling asleep to the sounds of the water was a peace I haven’t known in a while.

It helped that I had near zero network connectivity — just enough to upload a photo or two and let my friends know that I haven’t fallen into a bog. While I’ve always been grateful for where I come from, I felt more so this past week because I now see how much people pay to get the experiences I had for free.

True to form, I came home with a literal truckload of avocados, passionfruit, and coffee powder. If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen, making preserves and concentrates and guacamole and avo toast and enough coffee to make an elephant fly.

Over the course of these 4 days, I also realised I can’t immediately turn off the “work” side of my mind any more. It took me a day to silence it, and to let the rest of my mind take over. Naturally, it’s taking me just as long to turn it back on, and so today is an inevitably slow Monday. I think the rest of this space is meant to be for some more photos I took this past week.

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