I ordered a bunch of non-fiction books from Champaca recently, and the orders arrived during the week. I’ve been trying to read more non-fiction, for pleasure and then to learn. I still want to write a book at some point in my life, and while the kind of book has changed over time (I even toyed with the idea of fiction for a bit), an anthology of creative non-fictionCreative nonfiction is like jazz—it’s a rich mix of flavors, ideas, and techniques, some newly invented and others as old as writing itself. visit is probably closest what I want to (and can) write. I envision it coming together over time, like maybe my Kindred Spirits issues cherry-picked to be printed, or a fresh set of essays set around a theme that’s dear to me.

Anyway, the point is that reading non-fiction is helping me understand the medium more. It’s also a lot of fun. Jan Morris’ diary entries in particular are so lovely, because they read like wry humorous letters from a friend.

On Saturday morning, I went for a guided heritage walkby Bengaluru by Foot visit along Avenue Road after my cousin forcefully booked tickets for me. I say ‘forcefully’ because I wasn’t sold on the idea of waking up at 6AM on a weekend. But at the same time, I’ve been trying to do things without thinking about it too much, so I said ‘what the heck’ and went along. I’m so glad I did. I knew Bengaluru was historically significant, but to stand in the same place that saw the Siege of Bangalore 230 years ago was something I took time to wrap my head around! The many stories and legends the guide told us once again reminded me that history is often written by the victors.

I didn’t contemplate that for too long, though, because the smell of fresh coffee enticed us from off the street and into the 80-year-old Sri Raghavendra Prasanna Coffee Club. Great pongal all around.

Also, KR market is just 🤌.

I haven’t been too vocal on here about my feelings of identity erasure in a city that’s biting off more than it can chew, but places like KR Market remind me that the old Bengaluru, in some shape and form, is still alive and kicking.

All this reminds me that I really need to get out of the startup echo chamber more often. I’ve been saved by the fact that most of my friends know nothing about the tech ecosystem, which means I can have diverse conversations instead of flogging the dead startup horse each time. I should probs add to this by going out of my way more often (I plan to sign up for more walking tours for this. Next up, my beloved Basavanagudi).

I watched The Adam Project on Sunday over a bento box and a glass of wine (would’ve liked a beer, but alas, I was out). I also discovered Nishida Yuji’s YouTube channel, which I binge-watched, which made me go and watch a few episodes of Haikyuu.

Also, all hail lemon tea.

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