My sleep rhythm and intensity has been all over the charts lately, which seems like a reminder to get back to working out. I’ve been lifting half-heartedly now and then but the 5 months earlier this year that I worked out every day without skipping a day was the best my body and mind has felt since I moved back from England. But also, I wonder if this stuff is seasonal: do bodies intentionally slow down during a time of the year? Need to look into this more — most of the data I found with a quick Google search was Euro-centric as per usual.

I’m rounding the corner on two years at Obvious, which means I’m due for some work-related navel-gazing. Monica suggested I try out the Wheel of Life exercise to see what my priorities are at this point in time. It felt odd to be questioning all this when I don’t plan to switch jobs any time soon. But Monica said that when your job is bad, your only wish is to get out of there and literally anything else seems better than that. When you’re in a good place, you’re coming at it from a place of, “this is good. How do I make it better?”

I ~finally~ made it to the post office. I’m only some 6 months overdue, no biggie. I’m pretty sure my correspondents have forgotten who I am 🤷‍♀️ This time, I also sent a postcard, something I haven’t done before. I would love to collect postcards from here, there and everywhere, and have a pin-up board exclusively dedicated to that. I also love the act of going to and being in the post office: asking for stamps, dropping letters into the mailbox and waiting to hear the satisfying thunk when they hit the existing pile of letters. As self-appointed custodian of the under-appreciated arts including letter-writing, I have a soft spot for India Post.

I decided to give Zelda a break this week, mostly because I wasn’t moving past a level and was getting increasingly frustrated. Instead, I spent a few hours playing Hades, gleefully getting my (or rather Zagreus’) arse kicked by Hades’ minions. I don’t game much, and I definitely didn’t think a rogue-like game where I died every few minutes would get me hooked, but it is so good. I’m also loving Fall Guys. So fun.

I finished reading Tana French’s The Secret Place (thanks, Sidika, for the recco and for letting me borrow it). What a whirlwind of a book! Intricate and psychologically trippy. There were some bits I didn’t much care for (what’s with the out-of-place supernatural elements?) but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time otherwise. This is also my first Tana French book — some Goodreads reviews say their previous books were better, but I liked this one so it’s got my hopes up.

Oof, this is getting long, but it’s fine. On Sunday we did Father’s Day Out, a goofy little tradition we started when Papa was in Dubai: he takes us daughters out and for the entire day, he has to do what we want to do, no complaints. This time, he agreed to take us shopping (LOL) and spent nearly 4 hours trying to find Sakshi the perfect pair of boots (we didn’t find it). Poor fellow. But we did get some great seasonal craft beer from Geist, that’s always a bonus.

Now we’re done. Phew.

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