This week has felt longer than most, and I’m not sure why that is. People around me have been falling sick with COVID19 or the flu so I’ve had a lowkey hermit-worthy week. It’s also been raining a lot, which makes travelling hell, anyway.

I finally fleshed out my notes on The cartography of ambition. It took a lot of digging, especially to get past the uni-dimensional definition of ambition that is career-focused and prestige-driven. If I were to apply the framework on myself, I think I’m in the applied ambition <> exploration framework, which is nice.

I got some wonderful responses to my recently published essay'Home is everywhere and nowhere at once', published by The Curator visit, mostly along the lines of how they could relate to some or all of it, being TCKs or immigrants themselves. Dhruv, in particular, paid my writing the highest compliment I can think of: that it gave him goosebumps.

Major update on the postcard projects: it actually worked (!!!) and I sent out 20 (!!!) postcards on Friday. When I was sticking stamps in the post office, I felt quite a bit like an animal doing tricks at the zoo — there were so many people watching me curiously. Crossed fingers that the effort (and unintentional theatre) was worth it and the postcards reach their destinations safely.

I have some custom postcards and notebooks left over from this project, so I decided to set up a little online store called — duh — Kindred Spirits. It’s little projects like this that keep me alive, honestly. This making-selling gene comes straight from Ajja who, delightfully, calls once every two days to ask how many new postcards I’ve mailed out and how many books I’ve sold.

Some mini updates:

  • I watched Seoul Vibe.
  • I reread the Game of Thrones.
  • I completed 2 years at Obvious and I didn’t write a thread about it!
  • I ate too many Ferrero Rochers and had a stomachache for a few days. Didn’t stop me from eating XL peri peri fries twice in a row. Why are they so damn good?

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