Hi! I’m Sindhu Shivaprasad and I live in Bengaluru, India. I think a lot and work a lot.

I started this garden to document networks that define how I work and reason every day. This is hardly the entirety of my brain, but it is nice to be able to pick apart my thoughts and strengthen them with research and scaffolding. My essay on what a Digital garden is explains more.

The social contract of a digital garden isn’t explicit, which means we might expect certain things that we shouldn’t. The terms page sets expectations and is a good place to stop as you wander through this garden.

I love reading fiction, watching anime, and making things with my hands. On the career side of things, I am a writer and the Chief of Staff (Design) at an award-winning product consultancy.

Elsewhere on the internet:


I started coding this site in April 2022 (forked from Alisa Bacon’s template) on GitHub and host on Netlify. Lots of the CSS comes from Edward Tufte CSS.

If you have any feedback about the site or want to discuss my writing, please enter your message in this form.

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